Congress will be given a redacted version of Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia report by mid-April and there are no plans for Donald Trump to add his own edits, the US attorney general, William Barr, said on Friday. Mueller report release: Democrats demand full report by early April - as it happened But Barr said he intended to censor some of the report to protect the privacy and reputations of some people mentioned, setting up a likely clash with Democrats who have demanded the full document. Bar said in a letter to the chairmen of the Senate and House judiciary committees that the full report by the special counsel runs to almost 400 pages, excluding tables and appendices. The attorney general said he would black out sections that could reveal grand jury material, sensitive intelligence, affect other investigations or unduly infringe on the personal privacy and reputational interests of some people. The latter point is likely to increase concerns among Democrats that Barr intends to cover up findings of wrongdoing by people around Trump that did not lead to criminal charges. Barr said Trump had the right to assert executive privilege over some parts of the report, but that the president had said he intended to defer to the attorney general.

[('Congress', 'NNP'), ('will', 'MD'), ('be', 'VB'), ('given', 'VBN'), ('a', 'DT'), ('redacted', 'JJ'), ('version', 'NN'), ('of', 'IN'), ('Robert', 'NNP'), ('Mueller', 'NNP'), ("'s", 'POS'), ('Trump-Russia', 'JJ'), ('report', 'NN'), ('by', 'IN'), ('mid-April', 'JJ'), ('and', 'CC'), ('there', 'EX'), ('are', 'VBP'), ('no', 'DT'), ('plans', 'NNS'), ('for', 'IN'), ('Donald', 'NNP'), ('Trump', 'NNP'), ('to', 'TO'), ('add', 'VB'), ('his', 'PRP$'), ('own', 'JJ'), ('edits', 'NNS'), (',', ','), ('the', 'DT'), ('US', 'NNP'), ('attorney', 'NN'), ('general', 'NN'), (',', ','), ('William', 'NNP'), ('Barr', 'NNP'), (',', ','), ('said', 'VBD'), ('on', 'IN'), ('Friday', 'NNP'), ('.', '.'), ('Mueller', 'NNP'), ('report', 'NN'), ('release', 'NN'), (':', ':'), ('Democrats', 'NNPS'), ('demand', 'VBP'), ('full', 'JJ'), ('report', 'NN'), ('by', 'IN'), ('early', 'JJ'), ('April', 'NNP'), ('-', ':'), ('as', 'IN'), ('it', 'PRP'), ('happened', 'VBD'), ('But', 'CC'), ('Barr', 'NNP'), ('said', 'VBD'), ('he', 'PRP'), ('intended', 'VBD'), ('to', 'TO'), ('censor', 'VB'), ('some', 'DT'), ('of', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('report', 'NN'), ('to', 'TO'), ('protect', 'VB'), ('the', 'DT'), ('privacy', 'NN'), ('and', 'CC'), ('reputations', 'NNS'), ('of', 'IN'), ('some', 'DT'), ('people', 'NNS'), ('mentioned', 'VBN'), (',', ','), ('setting', 'VBG'), ('up', 'RP'), ('a', 'DT'), ('likely', 'JJ'), ('clash', 'NN'), ('with', 'IN'), ('Democrats', 'NNPS'), ('who', 'WP'), ('have', 'VBP'), ('demanded', 'VBN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('full', 'JJ'), ('document', 'NN'), ('.', '.'), ('Bar', 'NNP'), ('said', 'VBD'), ('in', 'IN'), ('a', 'DT'), ('letter', 'NN'), ('to', 'TO'), ('the', 'DT'), ('chairmen', 'NNS'), ('of', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('Senate', 'NNP'), ('and', 'CC'), ('House', 'NNP'), ('judiciary', 'NN'), ('committees', 'NNS'), ('that', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('full', 'JJ'), ('report', 'NN'), ('by', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('special', 'JJ'), ('counsel', 'NN'), ('runs', 'NNS'), ('to', 'TO'), ('almost', 'RB'), ('400', 'CD'), ('pages', 'NNS'), (',', ','), ('excluding', 'VBG'), ('tables', 'NNS'), ('and', 'CC'), ('appendices', 'NNS'), ('.', '.'), ('The', 'DT'), ('attorney', 'NN'), ('general', 'NN'), ('said', 'VBD'), ('he', 'PRP'), ('would', 'MD'), ('black', 'JJ'), ('out', 'RP'), ('sections', 'NNS'), ('that', 'WDT'), ('could', 'MD'), ('reveal', 'VB'), ('grand', 'JJ'), ('jury', 'NN'), ('material', 'NN'), (',', ','), ('sensitive', 'JJ'), ('intelligence', 'NN'), (',', ','), ('affect', 'VBP'), ('other', 'JJ'), ('investigations', 'NNS'), ('or', 'CC'), ('unduly', 'JJ'), ('infringe', 'NN'), ('on', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('personal', 'JJ'), ('privacy', 'NN'), ('and', 'CC'), ('reputational', 'JJ'), ('interests', 'NNS'), ('of', 'IN'), ('some', 'DT'), ('people', 'NNS'), ('.', '.'), ('The', 'DT'), ('latter', 'JJ'), ('point', 'NN'), ('is', 'VBZ'), ('likely', 'JJ'), ('to', 'TO'), ('increase', 'VB'), ('concerns', 'NNS'), ('among', 'IN'), ('Democrats', 'NNPS'), ('that', 'WDT'), ('Barr', 'NNP'), ('intends', 'VBZ'), ('to', 'TO'), ('cover', 'VB'), ('up', 'RP'), ('findings', 'NNS'), ('of', 'IN'), ('wrongdoing', 'NN'), ('by', 'IN'), ('people', 'NNS'), ('around', 'IN'), ('Trump', 'NNP'), ('that', 'WDT'), ('did', 'VBD'), ('not', 'RB'), ('lead', 'VB'), ('to', 'TO'), ('criminal', 'JJ'), ('charges', 'NNS'), ('.', '.'), ('Barr', 'NNP'), ('said', 'VBD'), ('Trump', 'NNP'), ('had', 'VBD'), ('the', 'DT'), ('right', 'NN'), ('to', 'TO'), ('assert', 'VB'), ('executive', 'JJ'), ('privilege', 'NN'), ('over', 'IN'), ('some', 'DT'), ('parts', 'NNS'), ('of', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('report', 'NN'), (',', ','), ('but', 'CC'), ('that', 'IN'), ('the', 'DT'), ('president', 'NN'), ('had', 'VBD'), ('said', 'VBD'), ('he', 'PRP'), ('intended', 'VBD'), ('to', 'TO'), ('defer', 'VB'), ('to', 'TO'), ('the', 'DT'), ('attorney', 'NN'), ('general', 'NN'), ('.', '.')]

(S (ORGANIZATION Congress/NNP) will/MD be/VB given/VBN a/DT redacted/JJ version/NN of/IN (PERSON Robert/NNP Mueller/NNP) 's/POS Trump-Russia/JJ report/NN by/IN mid-April/JJ and/CC there/EX are/VBP no/DT plans/NNS for/IN (PERSON Donald/NNP Trump/NNP) to/TO add/VB his/PRP$ own/JJ edits/NNS ,/, the/DT (GSP US/NNP) attorney/NN general/NN ,/, (PERSON William/NNP Barr/NNP) ,/, said/VBD on/IN Friday/NNP ./. (PERSON Mueller/NNP) report/NN release/NN :/: Democrats/NNPS demand/VBP full/JJ report/NN by/IN early/JJ April/NNP -/: as/IN it/PRP happened/VBD But/CC (PERSON Barr/NNP) said/VBD he/PRP intended/VBD to/TO censor/VB some/DT of/IN the/DT report/NN to/TO protect/VB the/DT privacy/NN and/CC reputations/NNS of/IN some/DT people/NNS mentioned/VBN ,/, setting/VBG up/RP a/DT likely/JJ clash/NN with/IN Democrats/NNPS who/WP have/VBP demanded/VBN the/DT full/JJ document/NN ./. (PERSON Bar/NNP) said/VBD in/IN a/DT letter/NN to/TO the/DT chairmen/NNS of/IN the/DT (ORGANIZATION Senate/NNP) and/CC (ORGANIZATION House/NNP) judiciary/NN committees/NNS that/IN the/DT full/JJ report/NN by/IN the/DT special/JJ counsel/NN runs/NNS to/TO almost/RB 400/CD pages/NNS ,/, excluding/VBG tables/NNS and/CC appendices/NNS ./. The/DT attorney/NN general/NN said/VBD he/PRP would/MD black/JJ out/RP sections/NNS that/WDT could/MD reveal/VB grand/JJ jury/NN material/NN ,/, sensitive/JJ intelligence/NN ,/, affect/VBP other/JJ investigations/NNS or/CC unduly/JJ infringe/NN on/IN the/DT personal/JJ privacy/NN and/CC reputational/JJ interests/NNS of/IN some/DT people/NNS ./. The/DT latter/JJ point/NN is/VBZ likely/JJ to/TO increase/VB concerns/NNS among/IN Democrats/NNPS that/WDT (PERSON Barr/NNP) intends/VBZ to/TO cover/VB up/RP findings/NNS of/IN wrongdoing/NN by/IN people/NNS around/IN (PERSON Trump/NNP) that/WDT did/VBD not/RB lead/VB to/TO criminal/JJ charges/NNS ./. (PERSON Barr/NNP) said/VBD (PERSON Trump/NNP) had/VBD the/DT right/NN to/TO assert/VB executive/JJ privilege/NN over/IN some/DT parts/NNS of/IN the/DT report/NN ,/, but/CC that/IN the/DT president/NN had/VBD said/VBD he/PRP intended/VBD to/TO defer/VB to/TO the/DT attorney/NN general/NN ./.)